Artist Spotlight: Emily Danger

Most bands have something unique about them, some aspect that helps them to stick out. New York City’s Emily Danger’s stand-out quality is their background in opera, classical, and cabaret music. Combine this with dark indie music, and you have a concoction that’s part Eisley and part fun. with a little bit of Evanescence stirred in. Emily Danger was started as a duo by vocalist Emily Nicholas and guitarist Ryan Nearhoff in 2011, but it wasn’t until six months later that Colin Lime on drums, Cameron Orr on violin (and “a host of other instruments”), and bassist Coyote Anderson joined and the band became complete.

Now a quintet, Emily Danger (their name comes from Lime’s nickname for Nicholas) is preparing to head out on a nationwide tour in support of their début EP, Paintings. On each of the four songs on Paintings, Emily Danger proves their proficiency with their various instruments while creating music that is both haunting and atmospheric.

You can listen to Paintings or check out their upcoming tour dates on their websites:

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